Mission-Ready Watches: Active Pro Smart Watch Army Edition

Mission-Ready Watches: Active Pro Smart Watch Army Edition

Our collection of Active Pro Army Edition smart watches is the perfect solution for those shopping for a smart watch but need a rugged build that can stand up to daily abuse from our active lives. Our Army Edition smart watches are available in two distinct colourways. An army grey multi-colour camouflage and an army green multi-colour camouflage.

Army Edition Design

The Active Pro Smart Watch Army Edition watches have a rugged design that has been built to survive in harsh rugged environments so it’s Perfect for those who love spending time outdoors.

The first watch we’re going to check out is the Active Pro Smart Watch Army Green Edition. It features a dark grey plastic case with a rugged aesthetic which has been paired with a green multi-colour rubber strap that offers great comfort and is perfect for fitness.

The second option is the Army Grey Edition which features a more understated style with a black and grey case and a rubber strap with dark blue and grey tones. If you’re someone who prefers a more toned-down style for their watch the Army Grey Edition is the way to go, however, if you love brighter colours and want to show off your style confidently the Army Green Edition is what will interest you the most. 

Army Edition Features

These Active Pro Army Editions come packed full of fitness, health and timekeeping features that make them the ultimate smart watch. With these brilliant smart watches you’ll be able to track your steps, heart rate, sleep data and so much more. Smart watches offer so much utility that’s quick and easy to access. 

The Active Pro Army Edition smart watch can help you become the best you possible. It will support you on your fitness journey and help you get the most out of your running, swimming, lighting weights or whatever your preferred workout is.

The Army Editions can track and send data to your mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection. Never miss a notification and enjoy the perks of being able to make and receive calls and texts. 

Final Thoughts

The Active Pro Army Edition watches are a great choice of smart watch if you’ve been waiting for something with a rugged design. The thick case helps protect the screen from bumps and scratches. The large bright screen is sharp and responsive thanks to the fast processor packed inside. The silicone watch straps make them comfortable and durable for everyday wear with plenty of holes to ensure a comfortable fit no matter the size of your wrist. 

The perfect everyday smart watch that packs a unique style while still giving you all the best smart watch features like heart rate tracking, step counting, and phone notifications. 

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