The Best All Rounder Smart Watch: Active Pro Call+ II

The Best All Rounder Smart Watch: Active Pro Call+ II

Our Active Pro Call+ II is a strong all-rounder smart watch that has all the capabilities you love in a smart watch and is available at a competitive price. The Call+ II is the second generation of our best seller and with it comes improvements to battery life, a bigger and brighter screen, plus extra features, while still keeping this sleek design.


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Active Pro Smart Watch

Active Pro Call+ II Design

The Active Pro Call+ II features a rounded square case design that looks sleek on the wrist. A silicone watch band has been paired with the case, which is perfect for those who love something durable and easily cleaned. Both the case and band are available in a stealthy black tone making it perfect for pairing with just about anything in your wardrobe, thanks to the neutral colours. On the right side of the watch case, you’ll find a rotating crown that helps you navigate the menus and another button below.

Active Pro Call+ II Features

The Active Pro Call+ II comes packed full of the best smartwatch features like making and receiving calls, heart rate monitor, step counter, plenty of customization options and much more. So if you’re after a smart watch that will make a great companion to the smart phone you carry, the Active Pro Call+ II is a fantastic choice.

It is also a great option if you’re looking for a device that can help support you through your fitness journey. With the sensors built into the watch, you’re able to check your heart rate at any point during the day, how many steps you’ve taken and the distance you’ve travelled. The Pro Call+ II will help you become your best self and look great on your wrist while doing it. 

With plenty of home screens available to choose from and the ability to upload your photos, you can tailor the device to your personal preferences and make it feel truly unique to yourself. To navigate the watch, simply swipe the screen from any direction to reach different functions or use the rotating crown. The intuitive menus are easy to learn and you’ll be using your watch like a pro in no time.


Great Alternatives From Active Pro

If the classic smart watch look isn’t what you’re after Active Pro has great alternatives with our other digital watches and kid’s watches. Our digital watches offer a traditional watch style with a rugged build that will look great on the wrist for any occasion. If you’re shopping for a child, our range of Active Pro Little Einstein kid’s smart watches are a great tool to help teach children how to read and tell the time, available in vibrant colours they’ll love the look of these bright watches.

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